Longest 6 minutes

I still have so many good memories about Halo. The scale of objects was like nothing I had seen before. Everything about it was so creative but the ending was the best. I had never seen anything so simple and yet keeping you on the edge end of game boss fight or challenge. The final moments of it, when you are getting on the elevator and reaching for a way out, basically the six minute countdown, was something I remember telling my friends about.

Something as exciting as the ending needed another look. This time for a more professional reason. I tried to see what the designers threw in there to guide the player. I’m sharing a video of  the ending recorded by another player so it’ll make more sense.

Basically, as far as aliens stand, I doubt they will need any yellow-black stripes to mark exits, corners or edges but it blends in just fine and it’s a good visual guide in an otherwise all grey environment.

Explosions and destruction are key elements to disorientate the player. There is something sadistically satisfying in those last moments to crush a few more alien units. What happens to the evacuation ship almost at the half time  is elevating the tension one notch up since the player could have kept driving but it’s easy to invest in and just see what will unravel. It’s been more or less 10 years since I last played it and playing it again would be a good idea. I think I could squeeze more out of it for my game design studies. Might this also be an excuse for having fun?

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