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Review : Introduction to Game Analysis

Every now and often I have a miss in finding the right book for my game design and development work. Sometimes, either I don’t pay attention to the table of contents before I order books from my local public library or the excerpt is not clear enough and I decide to make my decision once I put my hands on it. This is one of those moments but it’s not the reason why I’m mentioning this book by  Clara Fernández-Vara, Introduction to Game Analysis.

That being said, the book is doing a very good job at dissecting the whole “game” into smaller bits described as context and elements. This feels more scientific and formal than what I’ve seen most game journalists do these days. Although I might be wrong, I see little value in reading this book for my game development needs. However, I would strongly recommend this book for anyone who is serious about game journalism or who’s in the academia studying ludology. It’s a bit too formal for my taste and needs. I’d like to share my thoughts in a more casual way.