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Measure Twice, Cut Twice

According to general wisdom one should measure twice and cut once. This makes sense in most professions and even generally in life; when you should think twice and open your mouth once. However, again, generally in programming, we have this ++ approach. There was C then C++ came out. Looking at the list of programming languages on Wiki, I can see 8 records with ++ in their names. Not every ++ is related to the programming language it’s named after. For example R++ has nothing to do with R which is a statistical programming language whereas R++ itself is C++ related.

That being said, I’m going to take a naive approach and apply ++ logic to measure twice and cut once and make it measure twice and cut twice.  First and foremost, this is going to be an empirical approach and my basis for this theory is the experience I have gained in 15 years of building static and dynamic websites, web and desktop applications. However, I hope that it’ll make sense to most of you, especially to those who obsess about details and perfectionism.

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I’m Joomla about WordPress

This is a story of commitment and disappointment, all with Joomla. This is also going to be a story about relief and respect, all with WordPress. This is another story, although personal if not professional, about which one sucks and the other one rocks! TL; DR? According to Urban Dictionary entry I’m not so Joomla about Joomla!

When it comes to comparing two things, the old saying of comparing apples to oranges is the most common pitfall one might fall into. However, I think I have seen enough similarities and differences with Joomla and WordPress so I can say that apples and oranges smell good, are juicy, are both fruit etc. So what differs them?

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