Reflections on VueConf TO, first ever Vue Conference in Canada

This year, in 2018, VueConf TO was my choice of conference. The other choice for this year would have been Web Unleashed but I did that in 2017. I tend to attend one conference a year due to budgeting and commitment reasons. I’m not sure if it’s the same for a lot of people out there but I feel like these events are important and it constitutes a type of duty and responsibility for me. It’s as if I need to mentally prepare myself for it. Alas, this is a topic for another post.

So, how was my experience? I was very impressed by the organization and the details the conference people took care of. Hotel staff at the venue were very polite and helpful. Lunch was tasty and shared together around a table of colleagues, peers and enthusiasts. But, you are here probably for technical bits, not for what was comforting at the event, right? Well, follow up.

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How to Create a Simple Descriptor Generator with Vue

Some time ago, the company I’m still working at needed a lot of descriptor names. Like, Support Specialists, 24/7 Help, etc. The goal of this article is to show you how simple it is to create a generator tool using Vue. To get a better idea of how simple it is, look below. Also, here is the final product you can play with before reading the article.

Descriptor Generator

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