Founder & CEO, Godot Toronto organizer, Packt author

I am a self-taught veteran web developer with more than 15 years of experience in two different countries, leading teams and projects of various sizes.

After several years of preparation, I started my own game studio, Viroid Games, in August 2020. I then launched a small puzzle-strategy game at the end of 2020 and am currently working on an ambitious farming simulation game. While doing all this, I’ve also authored a game development book for Packt Publishing.

I also enjoy mentoring, which runs in the family since both of my parents are teachers. In 2019, I founded and still organize the Godot Toronto group on Discord.

In my spare time, I like reading history (mostly medieval) and science-fiction.


Pitch Deck 101 for Indies

For the 15th gathering of IndieGameBusiness, I gave a talk on the basics of pitch decks.

The presentation covers the reasons to approach a publisher, what’s in it for the publisher, and the parts of a pitch deck. It will conclude with some resources and methods that will be helpful to indie devs who want to pitch their game.

Celebrate International Programmers’ Day on the Data Podcast for Nerds!

I was a guest on this panel for International Programmers’ Day.

We were a panel of 4 authors with different backgrounds, though our common interest in programming.

Creating Thematic UI in Godot Engine

Stop worrying about off-looking UI in your games.

Discover how you can implement pixel-perfect components in Godot.

Clara’s Adventure

Game Development with Blender and Godot

Developing Plugins for Godot Engine

Get in touch

I’m usually available on Discord and I like the platform for its easy screensharing and conference calls functionality. However, I’m also reachable on other platforms too.

What my mentees said about me

Daniel Esquivel-Reynoso

Kumsal was very helpful with data structures and algorithm questions. He was able to quickly break down a problem that I had been stuck on all day and it was amazing that he could do this without seeing the problem before our session. Would highly recommend!


Kumsal helped me debug a video playback issue and taught me some new things. He was pleasure to work with!

Do you feel stuck?

A fresh set of eyes might help with your code!

Maybe, you would like to discuss career options so you don’t waste your time by trial and error.

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I’m a few clicks away from helping you.

What my colleagues said about me

Andrew Nolan

Kumsal is a great mentor to the people he manages. He strives to create a culture of learning, places great emphasis of professional growth and constantly encourages his team to share their skill with one another.

I enjoyed my time working for Kumsal, and would think anyone working with or for him would find it a pleasure too.

Elric Best

It’s always a breath of fresh air to be assigned to projects together; it’s assured the project will meet business requirements and go the extra distance.

Kumsal is very skilled in planning, organizing and visualizing even the most complex tasks. He understands the deliverables from high-end plans, down to the detailed technical tasks.

Jennifer de Visser

Kumsal was always a pleasure to work with. Whenever the really tough questions came up, he’d be the first person ready with the knowledge and experience to troubleshoot even the most complicated issues. Kumsal was much more than your average designer; he was the person who we all turned to for answers that no one else knew. His expertise will be a boon to any organization lucky enough to employ him.